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Growth laboratory

In the division of crystal growth are grow nonlinear optic, electro optic and ferromagnetic single crystals of multiply oxides for microwave technology and laser technology. 

Single crystals are grown from high-temperature solutions on single –crystal seed. The equipment allows to do growth process at temperatures to 1350 degrees. This temperature is regulated by precision software controls with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Displacement mechanism of crystal holder provides positioning with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, moving speed 0,01-0,1 mm/h. Rotating mechanism of crystal holder ensures its reverse rotation at the rate of 10-80 rev/min with controlled timing parameters.  

There was implemented continuous monitoring of the growing crystal mass in technology process. 

Growth of large and optically homogeneous single crystals of KTiOPO4 (KTP) and isomorphic by them RKTP is very important for the creation of  laser radiation frequency converters, electro-optical control devices by radiation and optical parametric generation, as well as other applications, such as acousto-optic, acousto-electronics and integrated optics. 

The growing on the solution-melt oriented seed stalled at the top- is the more appropriative way to reach this goal. The properties of crystals in most of cases are depended on chemical consistence of solution, temperature- time and dynamic growth conditions that should be carefully controlled to achieve desired optical quality of the grown crystals.