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Department of optoelectronic devices

The Group of measurements provides control of crystal components parameters and completed devices:

  • crystals conductivity measurement;
  • measurement of optic, electro and nonlinear crystal qualities;
  • measurement of conductive and antireflective coatings characteristics;
  • output parameters control of device.

In the laboratory work qualified staff with wide experience in the laser technology field. The work is being done on professional equipment.

The equipment includes:

  • CCD camera Ophir-Spiricon model SP620U
  1. Combined with USB 2.0
  2. Has the widest dynamic range in the industry (64 dB)
  3. Programmable Speed ​​Electronic Shutter 
  4. Spectral range: 190-1100 nm
  5. Controlled gain, providing a wide range of input levels
  6. Embedded optical trigger synchronizes even with the short laser pulses
  7. Slender profile and several installation options
  8. Works with BeamGage or BeamStar software
  • Power multi-wavelength ND: YAG laser

Special design of two- elementary single- tube laser head permitted to decrease losses significantly, related to super fluorescence and to ensure efficient work of laser in generator-amplifier operation with using only one power module and one autonomous cooling system with heat exchanger "water-to-air." The microprocessor controller provides pulse-repetition frequency manipulation, pulse delay of gate start, pumping energy and also carrying out of diagnostic laser parameters, including definition of basic frequency radiation energy, the total number of lamp flashes, statistical parameters of generation. This model was elaborated specifically for pumping of high-power tunable converters with the second harmonic radiation energy more than 400 mJ.

  1. Energy at the wavelength of 1064 nm is 700 mJ, at the wavelength of 532 nm - 400 mJ
  2. Pulse width 16 - 18 ns
  3. Pulse repetition frequency 1-10 Hz
  4. The divergence of the output radiation is less than 1.0 mrad
  5. Output beam diameter is no less than 8 mm
  6. Jitter with respect to pulse of gate external triggering ± 1.5 ns
  7. Energy stability ± 3.0%
  8. Power supply single phase 220 ​​± 20 V, 50-60 Hz, 750 W
  • Analog signal generator MXG N5181B 

Generators of this range are designed to provide of signals that can test the highest quality devices.  Also these signal generators have highly durability, rate of response, simple calibration, servicing and repair. Modern generators MXG of new level use technologies, applied in generators MXG previous generation, that are considered the most reliable source of signals ever offered by Agilent.

  1. Frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  2. Phase noise level at the frequency of 1 GHz with ofset at 20 kHz t is -146 dBc / Hz
  3. Spurious components at the frequency of 1GHz -96 dBc
  4. Output signal level at the frequency of 1GHz is 27 dBm
  • Stand for temperature characteristics control

This equipment was established in "Crystal T" company. This stand is used for temperature characteristics researching of Q-switch based on RKTP crystal.

  1. Temperature range from 20 C to 85 C
  2. Inaccuracy ± 0,1 C
  3. Setting by 4 axes
  4. Number of temperature sensors: 2
  5. Algorithm of temperature stabilization: pulse wide modulation
  6. Camera sizes: 170*160*140mm
  7. Camera volume: 1.5 l