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Elements base on high - resistance KTP (RKTP)

Frequency Doubling (SHG) Nd:YAG laser for infrared-visible light conversion; Frequency Mixing (SFM) Nd:YAG and diode lasers for lightblue generation; Parametric Generators (OPO) for irradiation in 600 ÷ 4500 nm. bandwidth; Electro-Optic (EO) Modulators, EO... Learn more.

Electro-Optic Q-switch

Electro optic intracavity Q-switch based on two high-resistivity crystals KTP (active elements) dedicated to control the quality factor of the laser cavity with a beam diameter of 15 mm. Active elements have a high ohmic resistance, high radiation resistance and low optical losses. Learn more.

Acousto-optic devices for signal processors

We have developed and implemented into line production the following devices: Laser AO devices analysis of radio signals for passive radar complex; Panoramic receivers – microwave frequency counters; Monopulse spectrum analyzers and modulation... Learn more.

Acousto-optic Q-Switch

Acousto-optical switches based on high-resistance KTP crystal dedicated to control the quality factor cavities of solid state pulsed lasers. AO RKTP Q-switch has low optical losses and higher speed activity compared with modulators used as acoustic line fused or crystal  quartz associated with... Learn more.

Acousto-electronic devices for complexes of radiomeasuring

High electromechanical coupling coefficient high resistance crystal KTP, good acoustic quality factor allow the use of the acoustic substrate RKTP as acoustic delay lines for microwave range excitation of acoustic oscillations with a system of thin-film metal electrodes at the end of acoustic line,... Learn more.