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LLC ‘Crystal T’ Company was registered as a resident of Tomsk Specially Economic Zone (SEZ) in November 2009 in order to create industrial production of ferroelectric oxide crystals and structures based on them for nonlinear optics, laser technology and microwave electronics. For a short time this company, using forty years’ experience of  Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio electronics staff in photonics field and crysrtallophysics, has passed the stage of research and development and has begun industrial production of nonlinear and electro optic crystals, optical and microwave components for functional devices and systems using these details.

For more than three years,  by our team there has been created park of unique growth setup; developed growth technology of KTP family single crystals; produced section of mechanical operation and polishing of crystals; utilized the production of nonlinear optical and electro-optical components and devices; prepared original methods and stands for electro-optical components and device performances  measurement.

As a result we are ready to get with our production to Euro-Asian market, including Russia and CIS states. At the moment, the main production is family of nonlinear optical titanyl-potassium phosphate crystals (KTP) with high quality and nonlinear and electro optic devises based on them. The main advantages of our materials are large linear sizes of single crystal boules, high electrical resistance and high tenacity to optical damage that is the most important for using of crystals in modern high power lasers.



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